It’s 2020 and I’m going forward with plenty. The universe is opening doors and I’m ready. Step by step, going wise and steady. Word by word until starts to sound pretty. I’m giving everything. It’s all that I’ve got. And I mean to inspire you if you’re not a bot.

Do you know where I’m going with this? I don’t know too. But one thing I know for sure – I’m getting closer to the truth. A step further to understand what everyone goes through. The everlasting change. The rebellious youth.

Waking up every day, it’s an interesting loop. Developing new skills and reading books. It’s a must! Otherwise, you’ll turn to rust, and soon enough the only thing left of you will be dust. You have to trust yourself and what you’re doing. No lust. Be passionate and dedicate all that you’ve got.

You are not a bot. You’re an eternal being. The body you are wearing is a temporal feeling.

Peace – Love – Gratitude.

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