Words create worlds but then they also destroy. Words we use are codes just so you know. We’re like machines under the rule of some totalitarian system of knowledge control.

We’re only here to go by the book and the system has most of us on its hook. Be a pilot, a cook, an athlete, or a crook. It’s your choice they say, or maybe it’s the words that play in your head all again and again until you do what they said.

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re being guided by something? You start seeing various meaningful signs that are aligned with what’s on your mind. It’s what they call synchronicity. It’s how the universe shows you you’re on the right path. Or maybe you’re doubting something but then comes a certain event that helps you clear your doubts and allows you to continue on with what you’ve been doing.

I don’t know if I’m describing it properly but I’ve had many experiences that you could call synchronicities. Most of the times it happens when you have a clear mind and a focus on one thing only – the present moment. This gift of a moment can bring a lot of clarity to your life but we what mostly fails us is the busy mind.

Whenever I have too many thoughts going on in my head, I take a deep breath and then release it. Not only does it give your body more oxygen, but it also makes you concentrate on your breathing allowing all the mind-obstacles to float away from your moment.

Even this short post was written here, in the present moment. I kept being here and allowed words to land on this page. It’s interesting what the universe shows you once you open your eyes and stay quiet in your mind.

Peace, Love, and Gratitude.

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