It’s easy to spend your day without moving closer to your goals, especially when you don’t feel like working. You can wake up late, go to work if you have one and do your hours there, then spend the rest of the evening smoking weed and watching movies. Others get shit-faced to take their mind off of things but the thing they have in common – they’re not achieving their goals. That is if they have any goals at all.

When you don’t feel like it, remember why you started

What drives you? What motivates you? Why did you even start this thing in the first place? Is it because you wanted to improve your life? Maybe you wanted to be a blogger who around the world sharing his crazy experiences? Only you know the answer to that.

It works for me

When I don’t feel like working and just want to rest, I remind myself why I even started. I remind myself that the key to success is consistency and I have to show up every day to work on my dreams and goals, or else they will remain only dreams.

Why did you even start this project if you’re not willing to do your best?

It’s what I’m asking myself every time I’m contemplating about my daily tasks. Sometimes I want to drop them because they seem too hard. Then I remind myself that the best way to master something is through practice. No musician ever made it to the top without practicing their skills for hours every single day.

Inspire yourself

You are the one with the ultimate power over your life. Your words and thoughts you focus on are what makes your life. Challenge yourself when something is on your mind. Talk to yourself and find the reason why you’re putting your dreams off for later. Later never comes, my friend. It’s only now!

Have a fascinating week ahead!

Can you impress yourself by how much you’ve done at the end of the week? Do your stuff and keep constantly improving. Take the best from every moment, learn and grow! Be grateful for every moment you have. Gratitude opens many doors and lets you see the world with a different lens.

Thank you for reading!

You’re wonderful! Even if you only scrolled through this post and looked at the bold text, thank you for being here! I know your time is precious and you couldn’t afford to read the article fully. Go on and do the work that will make an impact on your life!

with love, spellmaker

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