Some days I don’t post at all but other days I can make two posts stand tall. Will it happen today? Probably, yes, because I have already started writing this one. But also maybe no because many times I delete everything I’ve written down. I don’t like it anymore and it was fun while it lasted but bye, bye, and now I’ve lost it.

Why do I write at all? I see something there on this path. I see abundance lurking from corners of the earth. It can happen – I may get out of my debt and even more – help others with the same thing. I see that there are opportunities if one is determined enough to start searching.

What am I writing about? Usually, whatever that comes on my mind as has the potential to expand. It happens pretty naturally, especially if you write every day. Sometimes I write about crazy conspiracies involving true rulers of this earth. Other times it’s about love, nature and the power of mind. Right now, it’s about everything and nothing.

How should I continue? I’ll keep talking to myself, maybe someone will relate and we’ll have a nice talk in the comment section. The main thing on my mind is to keep moving forward. I have to practice my skills in order to become better. Fail, learn, improve. This is how we should move.

What if I stop? I may find something else to keep me busy but will it be as enjoyable as this? Leaving my thoughts on a digital paper for everyone to see and getting money, basically for free? I have done it for years, starting from school to social media and nobody ever paid me. But HIVE does. My Steempress (Hive plugin) are more than 300$ and it’s just the beginning of @spellmaker era.

What’s the time? I’m repeating myself again and again – the time is now, the present is a gift. If you really want something, even if it’s a peace of mind, start practicing it now. Breathe in and out, and feel the flow. The energy, the infinite love that surrounds you. Be here and now, and spread the love.

Peace, love, gratitude! It’s my number 1 favorite attitude!

ps. practice the power of your mind – it’s enormous.

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