I’ve been thinking a lot about quality content and what makes it stand out from all the other posts on the internet. In my opinion, the first and the most important thing is the structure of your post (or mine). If it’s not a written post but a video, the structure is just as important if not more.

You can’t write the ending and then continue with the intro. Nah, of course, you can. Who am I for you to listen to? Many movies have done that and some even turned out pretty great. Many writers do exactly that and work backwards by writing the ending first.

It doesn’t mean they start the book with the ending when they publish but it’s their way to create and it’s working for them. If you’re a writer, maybe you should try it too.

What I meant by having a structure is that your content must be easily understandable without the need for the reader to search all over your post for some information you mentioned once and then forgot to continue that stream of thought.

Start with the intro, explain the main problem, and share your vision of taking care of that problem. Turn it into an opportunity. Look at it as a chance to learn and grow! Once you deal with it, you’ll be ready for more.

Step by step, day by day you’ll evolve until one day you won’t even recognize the human you were before. Once you’ve set your standard, you won’t go with a content that’s below it. You’ll work your way up to the top and eventually you’ll be recognized.

I don’t need fame and I won’t play this game. I want quality for people who are using their brains. I want them to notice that life is not lame. I want them to know this – we are the same.

You and I, we live on this plane. We’re connected with invisible strings, and with pain. You and me, we both have to train. Our bodies and minds need to workout again!

Every day is today! Every moment – now! Will you go your own way and emit out your love? Will you do what matters and inspire the crowd?

It’s within you – your actions create the world all around.

It’s within you to encourage others with sound!

Truly yours, @spellmaker

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