What would you say if I told you that humanity was doomed? It has been that way since the beginning of time and we have probably destroyed ourselves more times than we can count.

What if I told that the only thing that’s evolving is the technology, and we, humans, are still just walking bodies of meat? Most of us are simply going with the mainstream flow without questioning anything we’re told. We watch tell-a-vision that programs us.

And it doesn’t even matter what channel you choose because the media controls all of them. You are being told what to believe in and you are being told what to do. More simply – you are being used!

We’re doing it all over again

The fight between the black and the white

Choose whatever story you want. There’s always a bad guy and there’s always a good one. All we have known from our childhood is the everlasting war between these two forces.

You can call them any way you want but it doesn’t change the thought that these opposites have always been here:

  • Good vs Evil
  • Devil vs God
  • Heaven and hell
  • Ying and Yang
  • Big boobs vs tiny ones
  • You vs me
  • Black vs white

Okay, I’m going too far now but it’s clear, right? One can’t exist without the other because then we wouldn’t know the difference. You must experience the pain to feel great when there’s no pain anymore. How can you know happiness if there’s no sadness?

It’s an endless interaction that’s happening everywhere. It’s around us but it’s also within. We both have two wolves inside us. One that wants to eat the rabbit and the other who wants to play and chill with him. It’s your choice which wolf you will feed. The one you feed will grow stronger so choose wisely.

Now back to reality

While we’re all distracted by the media, sinister things happen. People who speak truth are being imprisoned or killed. Children are being abducted, used and tortured. Communities are dying of hunger and addictions. It’s a sad, sad reality that the average Joe doesn’t see.

From nine to five he’s in office, working at the desk and occasionally making some small-talk with his colleagues. When there’s a break, he drinks coffee, smokes his cigarette and scrolls his social media ”feeds” soaking up everything he sees.

When he gets home, he usually sips a beer or two and watches TV until it’s late night and he has to go to sleep or else he wouldn’t get up for work. And having a job is fucking important because how would he pay his bills without a job?

It’s a vicious social loop that we’re in. There’s no time for Joe to think about the world and the real issues that surround us. I’m wrong, it’s not that he hasn’t got the time, it’s his programming that makes him do different things.

Whenever he sees something that doesn’t fit his world view, he labels it as conspiracy or fake-news. He doesn’t question it or researches it himself because the media told him everything he needs to know. That’s why he watches the news – to be updated.

In fact, Joe has labels for everything but that’s not the story today. Today we’re asking why Joe is who he is. And if you’re Joe, don’t be offended, it’s your programming that did the job for you.

The good thing is, though, you can break out of it. Simply start asking questions and research information for yourself. It’s not that hard.

Back to the forces

Do you think that with the advancement of technology we have somehow stopped the battle between the forces of good and evil? Do you think that when a satanic ritual killer puts on a suit he’s no longer a psychopath killer?

It sounds lunatic! Of course, he’s the same guy, only now he has a mask on and he has learned some new spells. Spells that will put many of us back to sleep.

The killer is using media to tell you lies and blame someone else for the killings. He does it so many times that for an average Joe lies become truth. The first time it’s a terrorist who is to blame. The other it’s a teenager who played too many video games and decided to shoot up the school.

While in reality, it’s a scare tactic. They rule by dividing. The more you hate your neighbors, the smaller the chance you will join hands with them to stand up for your rights. More division among us is a joy for the satanic killer. It’s much easier to control a population that’s distracted.

The modern satanist

For a long time, I couldn’t believe that these things really exist. I mean, child ritual sacrifices, spirit-cooking dinners, pizzagate and all the other horrors. I thought it was happening only in movies and that there are no such monsters in real-life.

That’s where I was wrong.

The media did a great job on me. It took years to uninstall those programs and I can still feel the junk they left behind. My mind is much clearer than it was ten years ago but there’s still a long way to go.

What I wanted to say

These sick things still exist. Only together we can get the word out and help the average Joe wake up to what’s really happening. The reality is bizzare but it’s the only one we got right now.

Yes, you can sink it with lots of booze but at the end of the day, you’ll go to sleep and wake up in the same vicious loop you were in.

Together is how we must stand. Supportive of each other. Loving and caring. Listening to each other and questioning the things we’re told. Together we can take back the control of our lives.

It’s not okay to live just to pay your bills and get through the month. It’s not okay that children are being tortured and killed to get adrenochrome out of them. It’s not okay that we’re being manipulated and lied to.

It’s in us to change the world for better but we must start with ourselves. Turn off your TV, sort out your feeds and question what you’re soaking up. Question where the money comes from. Question the reality.

Peace and love! @spellmaker

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