In my mind I have the answers
Just as you do
Just as everyone does
Isn’t it cool?

Now what matters is the question
It is my tool
The Universe will answer
If I’m bold like a fool

Ask questions:

Who has the voice reading these lines?
Do I have a choice?
Can I ever switch offline?
Will I write something meaningful?
Am I fine?
How long will I grind?
When will I find?

Find what?
Happiness and joy
Find the time
Find gratitude and love
Find myself in the pine

Born and raised in the light
I have grown my spine
Met terror in the dark
Then I started to mine

And I started to smile
Took it as my own
Like six is to nine
And up is to down

Now is the time
Today is the day
Start doing what you can
Go your own way

life is a wave
And you’re on the right one

Observe what you say
And how it affects one

There is no place to run
This verse is about fun
So take out your plastic gun
And point it to the sun

Then let it melt
The sun is burning hot
The more it gives its light
The more we have our pot

Lets smoke and get high
Forever in our spot
Thinking of why
Plant’s an enemy to a cop

Image by Rex Medlen from Pixabay

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