Are we evolving into a cashless society where all of our actions will be monitored? Will we give up our rights without even questioning why? For me, there are more questions than answers right now.

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All I know for sure is that there are so many laws being implemented right as we speak. Just as we’re all home and we have no way of making an impact. We can’t even gather together anymore. Two persons are maximum where I live.

How did it all start? Is everything manufactured to put us in the state of fear and eventually make us give up our rights for ”protection”?

There are so many layers to everything that is happening and it’s impossible to look at all of them at once but there are a few things I would like to talk to you about.

EARN IT Act of 2020th

Have you heard about this new act that the USA government is working on? Here’s the official source.

In short: what the government is trying to do is gain backdoor to every message ever sent on the internet. They would gain access to all of our personal messages to find potential predators and child traffickers.

Even though the goal is noble, it threatens our privacy and it would be the end for apps like WhatsApp which offers end-to-end encryption when we communicate with each other.

Section 230

Now we have to touch this one just to have a clearer picture of what’s happening.

Do you know what is section 230? Here’s a comprehensive guide from Verge.

Section 230 says that “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider”

Basically, it removes responsibility of websites for what their users post online. It’s the only reason social media sites can exist without being sued for the content that is hosted on their site.

Has it been changed before?

Yes, in April 2018, a bill was signed into law the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), a bill that purports to fight sex trafficking by reducing legal protections for online platforms.

FOSTA carves out a new exception to Section 230, stating that Section 230 doesn’t apply to civil and criminal charges of sex trafficking or to conduct that “promotes or facilitates prostitution.” The rule applies retroactively to sites that violate it.

Effects of FOSTA

Following the passage of this bill, websites began to censor parts of their platforms — not because they were currently hosting prostitution ads, but because of the possibility that someone might do so later.

This is why Craigslist no longer has a Personals section. Now, sex workers say that they have broadly been forced offline, making their work far less safe. Prostitution-related crime in San Francisco alone — including violence against sex workers — more than tripled.

But the cherry on the pie is that there is little to no evidence that this bill had an effect on reducing online sex trafficking. And even something improved online, many sex workers were forced to go back on the streets which is far more dangerous than putting an ad online.

Money printing machines are hot

And what about the infinite cash they’re printing out every second of the day? A massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package has been agreed by U.S. president Donald Trump and the Senate.

To put it in perspective, 2.2 trillion looks like this:

The bill will see individuals and companies whose livelihoods and businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic receive direct payments, with every American earning less than $75,000 per year picking up a one-off payment of $1,200, as well as $500 per child.

If you divide it with the estimate of 328 million American citizens, you get:

2.2 trillion dollars / 328 million citizens = 6707$ per citizen.

It means the rest of the money is going somewhere else, probably corporations, banks, and government branches to somehow try and save the economy (that is if they want to save it).

More money will definitely have an impact on the inflation. If there’s more money, it means the demand will increase which leads to increased prices.

But it’s not happening only in America.

And it will only continue

We’re still at the start of the epidemic, except China. Speaking about China, it seems like there are two options, either they’re messing with the official data or the quarantine worked really great.


Many things can happen in the next few months and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around all of it BUT step by step I will go further and further to understand what is really happening.

Conclusion and stuff

I’m not some kind of guru or an expert who will tell you the future. All that is here on my blog is my personal opinion based on some facts which I shared in the article.

Breathe in and let it go. Do it a few times and you’ll feel the flow. You’ll feel vibrations and your energy will grow. Breathe in and let it go.

with love, @spellmaker

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