I’m talking to you, you’re talking to me. We’re exchanging what we have – the energy. If we do it often enough, there’s a slim chance that we, as humans, will transition into a new mindset for our world. I can only imagine the day when everyone finally understands that we are all connected. Keep talking humans, you may advance to the next level.

We are strong when we are united. We are unbreakable when we stand up for each other. The sad part here is that we are being divided by those clinging to the old way of life. The system that eats everything coming its way. It’s not right and we all know it. Most of us have known it since we were children. It’s not right that there are people starving while others are destroying food for their own amusement.

But there is still some good in the world because it’s never truly gone. The energy circulates all around but it never vanishes. There is good and evil in all of us but the choices we make define the impact we’ll make. And yes, we are all making an impact. Our collective actions are what moves this world forward.

What action will you take? What will be the impact you’ll make? Are you devoted to improving your life or are you simply tired of seeing the bad all around? I know it’s in you to act and inspire those who surround you. Right now, I’m trying my best to inspire you. Few minutes later it could be you inspiring your neighbor by wishing him a nice day.

The world works in mysterious ways. Be grateful for every day that you have and enjoy your own unique way!

with love, @spellmaker

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