You’re here right now and that’s where you’ll always be. This moment is full love – open your eyes and see. This moment makes your life as we speak. This moment is a gift and for this reason, it’s called the present.

I know your eyes are open, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to read these words. I know your mind is free and you’re the creator of your destiny regardless of what others or even yourself may say.

Use the Present

And be present. Be here and create. Don’t give away the gift you’ve been given. Make your own fate! Persuade yourself to do what it takes to achieve your goals. You don’t have to wait for anyone or anything. Start doing it now and make it a habit.

Reason with Yourself

Changing ourselves is the hardest thing to do because we’ve found comfort and for most of us – it’s hard to get out of the comfort zone. That’s why you must talk to yourself and reason with yourself. Even if you’re not the type of person who has an inner dialog – yes, there are people like that, then you can write.

Write down what changes you would love to see in your life. Think of how they can be realized and set achievable goals. It will boost your motivation and energy levels just like working out does. And it’s not far from the truth – it’s your mind that is working out.

Be Grateful

Many of us didn’t have the chance to wake up today. They simply died in their sleep and now nobody knows where they are and what they’re doing. Maybe they’ve already been born in another body to live another life on this earth or somewhere in the multiverse. Who knows?

The point is – you have the present. You have the gift of time. Use it and make the best out of it. We recently wrote a post about how gratitude can level you up. It can totally remake you as a person, just like gaining a new level in a video game.

Because what is life if not your perception of it? You can perceive any task you do as a quest in order to gain experience points. Depending on the tasks you do, you can acquire new skills and gain confidence.

And there is no level cap. You can always become better.

Wake Up Early

For the first 26 years of my life, I thought it was a myth that people really wake up as early as 4AM to start the day but as it turns out – it’s a cornerstone of success. I didn’t want to believe it at first because I hated waking up early.

Mostly I think it’s because of school. I never really liked school. Despite the good grades and friends I had, it wasn’t the best environment for my growth. It was more like I was being put in a box that gets deeper with every day. It was a box of fear and disbelief in my own powers.

Once I finished the school, I slept long hours. Mostly because I went to sleep very late but also because I wanted to compensate for all the years of waking up too early and having to go to a place where I’m molded by society.

Recently I also wrote a post about not hitting the snooze button and the benefits of waking up early. If you already know it – sorry for spamming, just trying out backlinks in my site.

Steem On

Use this moment to gain more STEEM. How? Post, comment, create your own articles, tutorials, gifs, stories, poems, videos. Curate the content of other individuals. Engage in communities. Share Steem with the rest of the internet and spread the word.

Opportunities are endless as long as you allowing your body and mind to find them and work on them. Ideas will arise once you start doing something.

The price of STEEM is rising and it can be a chance to get more new users. How? By sharing your love for the Steem. Your passion can inspire the world. Your actions are an example to others.


Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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