I feel like the hype we got from the coronavirus was only there to strip us from our rights and change the way we live. When people are in fear, it’s easy to fool them into giving up their freedom for imaginary protection.

Where is the protection for all those who live where the riots are happening? Many people can’t get to their job if they still have one. Many businesses are ruined and lots of people have been injured. All of it while it’s okay to protest but it isn’t okay to go to a shop without a mask.

Life in an Actimel ball

We have been deceived and it didn’t happen just now, in 2020th. We have been fooled and lied to for over a century, probably much longer but I won’t go there. History is written by the winners and it has been changed more times than you can imagine, therefore, it’s meaningless to discuss it now.

We should focus on what’s happening right now and from what it looks like, shit is going to hell. From what I see, one day we’ll wake up and realize we’re living in a dystopian future that we saw in movies when we were growing up. Once we realize it, it will be too late.

Virus Disappears – Restrictions Remain

Social distancing, virus tracking apps, and all kinds of other shit we must put up with. Just look at these pictures in this CNN article. They’re feeding us the new normal and nobody even cares that the virus was and still is a hoax.

Many people who lost their jobs will never go back because there will be no job for them. The way we live is changing faster than ever, and all of it is a set-up. Slaves must obey the rules of their masters and we are all slaves to the ones in power.

Nobody above cares about you or me. They don’t care that people are left alone without food or housing, usually both. They don’t care if people are mentally drained in dealing with their sad realities. They are ones and we are the zeroes. Those evil fuckers don’t care about us but looking from the bright side, it doesn’t take much for us to become heroes. It takes one character to change itself and I know it’s in all of us.

And yet, I’m still the same

The people in my world are still the same. They interact with each other and they laugh. They touch and kiss each other, and they don’t wear masks. To me, it’s a symbol of brainwashed mind. If it’s offensive to you, you’re part of the problem. Everyone deserves a right to express their opinion but with all the censorship bullshit happening across mainstream social media networks, it’s impossible to get your word out.

Thankfully, there are places like HIVE, Uptrennd, Publish0X and many others that have given people back their freedom to post whatever they want without getting banned. The only thing these places need is a bigger amount of people using them.

Peace, love and gratitude

This too will remain with me until the end of my ride. It’s the natural energy that we should all cultivate more in our lives. Instead of being angry or sad about something, we can focus on what’s good and what we can do to improve our lives.

Use the D in Day for Doing

When we stand up for each other, our world grows stronger. We form bonds every single day and there are invisible strings between all of us. Even those evil motherfuckers up in the pyramid. They’re connected to us. Our biggest strength is in our numbers, not the ones on the dollar bill or a in our bank accounts but the real body count.

When we stand up, they fall. Don’t go with the mainstream media that promotes race wars and creates the fake narrative. Once you turn off your TV, you start seeing the positive stuff. When you talk with your neighbor instead of listening about him on your TV, you see that he’s the same as you but with a different path and perspective.

It’s life and it’s beautiful.

Thank you for reading this. It’s all good if you don’t believe in this, and it’s a mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without accepting it.

Peace and love, @spellmaker

PS. I took all the gifs from Giphy.

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