What the hell is going on, friends? Why are we still allowing insane shit to happen? How are the bad guys still in charge? They have divided us into many communities when we should have been one. We could be so much more if we got rid of the evil of this system we’re trapped in.

First of all, look at the header photo of Gavin Newsom’s Twitter account. This guy, Gavin, is the governor of California by the way. Look if anything stands out. (Once you see it, you’ll shit brix).

See that strange hand?
I mean, what the fuck?

Where does it come from? It looks like it is put there deliberately, so we have to look at what it could mean. Why would someone photoshop his cover photo like this?

Now, if you’ve been in the rabbit-hole before, you’ve seen this symbol. If you haven’t, do your research on #pizzagate (which hasn’t been debunked despite the mainstream media labeling it as fake news).

This is what the symbol means.

Little boy lover?

How sick are these people? They’re putting it out in plain sight and nobody cares?! It’s like we’ve been sedated. Half-dreaming, half-asleep. Those awake, labeled as conspiracy theorists by those who are brainwashed by the mainstream media.

If the Gavin guy isn’t enough, let’s take a look at someone we all know. Our dear, Tom Hanks. The Wilson guy. Ironically, his wife is Rita Wilson but that’s not the story today.

We’ll take a look at his Instagram page. What about all these photos of lost things that belonged to children? That’s a bit weird, isn’t it? And if those photos aren’t strange enough, read his descriptions.

Maybe I simply don’t get it
But to me it seems as if he’s showing out
Press on any of the pictures to go directly to his page and look at the comment section people are bombarding his page.

There are more deeply disturbing things about Tom Hanks that I recently discovered. One is his David Pumpkins character that appeared on Saturday Night Live and for a simple individual, there was nothing about it, except that it was strange.
Here’s an excerpt:

Don’t take my word for granted and ask yourself – why is he ass-slapping some guys that are dressed up as skeletons and moan like little boys?

The reality is often stranger than fiction and it’s hard to believe that someone like Tom Hanks could be a predator. Most of us have grown up watching his movies. The thought that he’s a sick pedo makes me want to re-think everything I have ever known.

This is a sick world we’re living in where most of us choose to look the other way. Why? Because it’s easier to go with the stream. Our society doesn’t tolerate someone with a different opinion.

The second reason why nobody does anything is because we’re trapped in this vicious cycle of bills and payments. Most of us are in debt doing our best to survive with the hope that one day we’ll thrive. It’s not the way to live. We’re merely alive.

You may think whatever you want but before coming to conclusions, I suggest you do your own research. I will even give you a head start with some links below. What I touched today was only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many layers to this that it’s impossible to explain everything in one post.

If you want to start doing your own research, I’ll give you some key words:

  • John Podesta and Tony Podesta
  • James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong
  • Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramovic
  • Adrenochrome

It’s a rabbit-hole to jump in. One which unveils things that have been hidden in plain sight for decades if not centuries. We are being stripped away from our rights and turned into walking meat-machines that make the profit for the psychopathic greedy bastards in charge.

Here’s a Wikileaks link to thousands of files on almost any subject you can think of. You can easily start with Podesta emails in there and how he’s talking to Clintons and others about the pizza party. Pizza – young children. They even mention names and ages there for kids there.

One of the Podesta emails

If you still think it’s all a conspiracy, check out where you get your information from. Is it the same media that is owned by 6 corporations? Check the infographic in the link if you still doubt that the mainstream narrative is being controlled by a group of people.

It’s time for us to wake up those around us. With sites like Hive, 3Speak, Uptrennd and others, we are no longer censored. We can share what we find without the fear of getting our accounts suspended. It’s time we use the technology against the greedy bastards.

Thank you for coming to this post! Whether or not you believe in any of this shit, it doesn’t matter. Belief is only their tool to divide and control us. I even wrote about it in my previous post. It’s the research that matters. Once you start digging, you’ll come to your own conclusions.

That’s it for today. Now it’s your chance to do some good in the world and spread the word. When we’re united, we have more power than one can imagine. When we work together towards a common goal, the universe opens up and helps us along the way.

Okay, maybe I’m wrong about it and those Satanic rituals work great for the evil guys putting us to sleep but I won’t stop. The blockchain will help me by making sure this post stays up forever.

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