As I’m breathing deep and looking within, I feel the energy flowing and I’m seeing the win. It’s coming. We’re making a change and it’s not a sin. You and me, let’s join our hands and begin!

I’m writing these words almost every day. It’s how I keep my eyes on the way. The way that I want to go, the one I see when my eyes are closed. I’ve seen it a million times, the world of harmony and beautiful rhymes. Some say – here comes the biblical times. I doubt it because it’s always biblical in a sense.

If you think about it – Jesus was a hero that was killed by the state. I heard this in a song by Run The Jewels and it has stayed with me since. If I’m being honest, I never read the bible and all that I know about it is from the references in our culture. From my perspective, religion is a tool to manipulate the masses. I wrote about it some time ago, look here: Divide and conquer – religion is their greatest tool.

My religion, if you can call it that way, is simple. Be grateful and compassionate, enjoy every moment you have here, and do what you want unless it does harm to others. And I can’t even harm a fly or a spider. I feel that they’re part of this system to which we’re all always connected, and there’s no reason to kill another being. The spider just wants to chill here, and in addition – he’s killing insects (cleaning my house).

And I’ve changed. I’m constantly changing, by the way. I burned ants as a kid and played with many other insects like they were biological toys. I guess most of us did. I tortured them as a kid, and I guess that’s how I learned.

Now that I’m looking back, most of my compassion came from psychedelic experiences. Once I started burning weed, I stopped burning other humans. I wasn’t the peaceful guy all the time, and as a teenager, I had my moments of evil but once I introduced myself to what else is there, it just stopped.

Then the next step was the mushrooms, the psychedelic ones. After one night that felt like an eternity, I got to feel and see the connection between everything and everyone. Of course, with time, it faded but the experience was so profound that I now know there is something more behind the curtain.

There is more than meets the eye. And the beautiful thing about it – it’s always there, whether you see it or not. It’s right next to you and even within. The synchronicity of the universe. The energy, the love, and all those wonderful moments you would never trade for anything.

Peace, love, and gratitude. Do you like this attitude?

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