Sometimes I feel like you’re inside my mind but I can’t find exactly the place where you hide. Maybe I’m mad but I think I’m just blind. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong place and time.

Did you ask if I’m fine?

Thank you, I’m fine. Everything’s good. I’m writing my rhymes but they don’t bring me food. Counting my dimes and holding my hood. Marking my days with a nail in the wall made of wood.

I’m good.

It’s April 5th, I haven’t left my flat for a long long time. It has been three weeks since the emergency started. Furthest I go once a week is a grocery shop which is about 400 meters from my home.

This is already the longest vacation in my whole life since I graduated high school. For ten years I was working non-stop with the maximum of 1 free day per week (sometimes none).

My job is specific and hours are not long but the fact that you have to go to work every single day takes up your energy. When you have something on your mind, you can’t fully focus on other things. You know you have to go to your work later so there’s no spontaneity.

Now that I’m home for most of my time I can start focusing on other projects I’m working on, @spellmaker being one of them. My goal is to evolve my blog into a source of income. They say you have to know your worth and not do anything for free but it isn’t entirely true, isn’t it?

You have to give all of yourself to the reader. You have to give more and more until they’re hooked on you. You become like a drug for them because the way you create your posts is so captivating that it’s impossible to look the other way.

I’m writing for us, you and me, and all the others who are creating their destinies. We are connected so deep that it’s impossible to wrap our minds around it.

I have heard a theory that we have all lived every life there is and it means that you have been me and I have been you. There’s whole another concept of time where everything is happening at once. You are me and I am you, both at the same time. But at the same time, you can also be anyone else in the whole history (everything that has been and everything that will be).

We’re all one

It’s one of my mantras from a psychedelic trip years ago. I felt so connected to the universe that it felt like I was everybody. It felt like I lived through every experience of every being that has ever existed. At the same time, it was both, the most scariest and the most wonderful experience I had ever had.

Have fun! That’s the main thing in the end. Entertain yourself, your body and your mind. Entertain those around you and those voices within.

Entertain a thought without accepting it. That’s what intelligent people do. They have an open mind but they’re not taking everything as the ultimate truth.

Enjoy the way you’re going but question every step you take.

with love, @spellmaker

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay 

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