Many things have stopped. One of them is my job where I earn my living. I’m a sports teacher and thanks to nationwide lockdown, I have LOTS of free time now.

Yes, we are creating individual plans for kids but for me, there isn’t really much to do. I can only hope that pretty soon we’ll be back on the track. Meanwhile, I need to find a way to monetize my online passions.

Using my time wisely

I recently created my blog – where I write about everything that comes to my mind. Starting from some inspirational posts where I encourage my readers to create the life they’ve been dreaming about to my views on various global topics, including conspiracies. In addition to all that, I get my mind off things by smoking weed and writing psychedelic poetry.

To earn money off it – I’m willing to learn and fully dedicate myself to the thing

When you start searching the web for ways to earn money from your blog, there are countless options and they all sound easy BUT when you actually start your blog, you’re overwhelmed by how much stuff there really is.

That’s how it was for me but I haven’t given up. In fact, I’m only just starting. Right as we speak, I’m creating posts and learning from my mistakes. Something new every day, right?

Hive – PeakD

I’m on Hive because I love the freedom of it. There’s no censorship and I can earn by creating posts about anything I like. BUT the BEST thing about Hive is the community. After the revolution that happened, Hive belongs to the community, just as it was meant to be in the first place.

We’re now proud Hiveans and we OWN the place! Together we are inspiring the whole world. I’m grateful to be there, with the most wonderful POWERHOUSECREATIVES family!


I’m also on Twitter because it’s a pretty good place to find out what is trending all around the internet. You can also get good exposure to your posts.


Recently I joined Uptrennd because it has all the potential to go mainstream. It has been growing pretty rapidly and now has over 70 000 users. On Alexa ranking, it just got in the top 30 000 sites in the world.

Look at this Manifesto by its creator Jeff Kirdeikis.

I wonder how Hive will look after a while

If you want to join – use my invitation link and we’ll both get 100 1UP tokens.



I decided to create my Patreon account because, why not? There are many creators out there and I know I can be one of them. Maybe I am already, who knows?

Main Point

I must keep myself busy but I know it’s also important to focus on the right things. I think all of the above can work together pretty well BUT I still have to come up with something truly magnificent that my potential readers will love.

What do you think it could be? What would you like to see on my blog? Have you read some of my poetry?

Here’s a little one to gain an insight:

a sight inside my mind
a vision that moves me forward
people going towards

conscious unification
one love, one nation

on the same train
from station to station

there are no vacations
we each have our own trip

and unique causations
it doesn’t make sense


You are my friend

bliss – a state of extreme happiness

Thank you for reading!

I’d appreciate your thoughts on these questions:

  • What comes to your mind as the best way for me to earn from as spellmaker?
  • What would you like to see more on my blog?
  • If you were following me before, what attracted you?

Gratitude is the attitude

Last but the most important thing I wanted to share with you is my gratitude. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to write and to give something to the world. I’m grateful I’m alive and I have a functioning body and mind. I’m grateful that I have everything I need to thrive. I’m grateful for you reading this far.

And to end my post with a picture (better engagement from what I heard), here’s one beautiful view:

a photo I took last year with my Huawei P10

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