People losing touch with reality. People mindless and out of control. Everywhere you look, your view is full of scam artists and hoes who will do anything to get gold. Is it their fault or is it ours? In my opinion, it’s both.

It’s the digital era we’re living in. Everyone’s connected. Anyone can go ”live” to the rest of the world to share whatever they think they know. The more shocking the information, the more exposure it usually gets. It doesn’t matter if the information is true or if it has some additional value to offer. We call these bits of information ”viral” news or videos or shit.

To me, the word ”viral” has never sounded good. Especially after the recent months of dealing with coronas and stuff. It’s a virus to our minds that we’re willfully spreading to our friends and families.

Most of the time, these viral posts have no value to an ordinary person. It’s just another distraction that will take up space in the back of their minds. Watching one ”viral” clip can result in spending hours in the sickness of the internet.

Hidden cameras, pranks, scare cams, reactions to people watching a youtube clip, reactions to reactions, people failing, people winning, people fighting, people doing dumb shit, and people eating. Why would a person spend his precious time watching this crap?

People have to be lead. It’s not a secret that the biggest part of society is like a herd. They go where others lead them. In their hearts they’re good and it’s the reason they tend to trust people. On the other hand – they’re easily manipulated.


Facebook and JewTube (Youtube) are where people spend most of their time online. Sadly, both of these companies are owned by corporations that censor the content that is being posted. It results in people seeing only one side of the coin because the other side is labeled as ”fake news” because it contradicts with whatever is the ‘‘official” narrative.

Where is the freedom of speech in that, huh? It’s time our childhoods best friends to change. We’ve spent enough time browsing through the endless sea of stupidity. It’s time to do something that matters and make an impact.

Instead of using bought social media to upload your content, use platforms that really support free speech and there are plenty of them already. Here’s a list for you to start with:

Personally, I’m using both Hive blockchain and Uptrennd to get more exposure to my blog. I’m also using Twitter because it’s bigger than all of the free speech platforms together and despite their tricky algorithms, it’s a great way to bring other people towards the essential knowledge of this century.

And not only do I get exposure from these platforms, but I also get rewarded. Not only do I get rewarded, but I also get to know like-minded individuals and it motivates me to do more and more every single day.

It’s time for our generation to show that we matter. It’s time we change the system from within. The only way we can do it is by setting an example. We must become the ones to show the world the power of people who come together with one aim – to make a positive change.

In a few decades, we’ll look back at this moment of time. We’ll remember the year 2020th as the year when the world as we knew it changed forever. Which way it will change is still a mystery for me. Either we’ll be forced into draconian laws or we’ll set ourselves free from the tyranny.

The decision, I think, is ours. Whether we’ll keep stuffing our minds with useless propaganda or do things to help each other and our future selves is on us.

With love, @spellmaker

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