Good day to you, wherever you may be, whatever you may do! Let the day happen while you’re taking the best from it! Despite what’s happening, you are one who’s responsible for how you see it.

I don’t know a person in this world who doesn’t love titties, so I decided to put them here. I’m sorry if you’re the first who dislikes them.

Your perception of the world and all that is happening around you and also within. It’s your trip and on this trip you are both, the guide and the tourist. You are both, the one who needs improving and the one who’s doing the improvement.

It’s funny because how can something improve itself? Maybe instead of calling it an improvement, we should call it a change. One is changing for better while the other for worse, right?

Interesting artwork, right? Which one are you?

I don’t even know what I wanted to say with all this. More like I’m publicly talking to myself. Improving myself and my skills while gaining practice.

Anyway, it’s time for some rhymes now. Are you ready? I know you’re not because one is never ready for something like this:

Every moment you have a choice;

Will you take the risk and raise your voice?

If we all do it, we are gonna make some noise.

Together – all the girls and all the boys!

Lets help each other see the infinite joys!

Life is how you look at it.


I know it sounds crazy because how can you have a positive attitude when your life is shit? If, for example, you’re living in a war-zone where you can never be sure if you’ll come home today.

If it’s your 3rd day without food and you’re doing your best to provide for yourself and your family but you just can’t do it. How can you have a positive attitude there? I don’t know. I’m just trying my best out here.

When is the time right? Remember I told you to read this when the time is right? If you’re here, it means it’s right because the only time we have is now. Once we start putting things off for later, we start losing the moment of now.

What time is it? It’s now.

Why did you even come here? Was it because of those titties? Was it because you like reading spellmaker? Maybe it was unintentional? Like when you start watching a Youtube clip and then a few hours later you realize you’re on the strange side of the internet?

It’s your trip, and you’re the explorer. You may think that everything’s already discovered but you would be wrong. Even though they’re teaching us in school that we have nothing left to explore, we can always go the one direction that’s endless – within.

When you start exploring your consciousness, you open a door that you’ll never want to close again. Your mind is the best tool to improve or destroy anything you see but to get the best out of it, you have to learn. You can’t put yourself in a rally car win against real racers because it’s your first time.

The same goes for training your mind. It’s a continuous process where you are the main ingredient. Your decisions and your perception of what’s happening. You are the one who controls which thoughts you’ll focus on because thoughts come and go, they are all around us but we decide if we want to keep them…

We’re still connected, my friend.

What do you think? Was this article somehow useful to you? Did it help you improve or was it a waste of your time? Be honest!

Image by Bobine from Pixabay 

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