The collective consciousness is how we’re all connected. The eternal flame that burns within us is reflective. Your actions inspire me and mine can do the same. We are way more effective when there’s a burning flame under our feet.

Sometimes I write, sometimes I speak and mostly the words I use are on repeat. Make a little change what some call a tweak and do it again, this time on a funky beat.

I will beat any challenge that dares to come my way, and I’ll treat you like today was the only day there was. Not making fuss, there is no time to trust. Later never comes, so acting now is a must.

If you don’t want to grow old with rust, take a deep breath, be bold, and use thrust. The inner power which is always there has entered the atmosphere and now it’s here. You have it! The courage to face your fears, creativity, and energy to share with your peers!

Thank you for reading, dear! Peace, love, and gratitude!

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