About nine months before you were born there was a BIG BANG.

It’s how your parents created you. By banging each other. Probably a lot.

You were blank at first but as time went by, you merged with your surroundings and the world started to make sense.

Slowly, you began to recognize patterns

and gained the ability to speak.

You started seeking answers to questions you felt bound to ask.

After getting some answers, you felt the need to learn more.

Many times, after you found out something new, you thought you’ll never be the same again.

You thought you’ve changed. That you were already a grown up.

But then you found out Santa wasn’t real. And the world broke again.

It was like lifting a veil. Mind-blown.

Everyone knows how it feels.

Later in life, your magical kingdom became a classroom.

Your dreams were put off until you’ve finished the school. You were made to go with the lie.

Your critical thinking was gone to almost non-existent.

You were no longer fun.

But then something happened

and one morning you woke up to the fact that nothing’s going to change

unless you change yourself from within

and stand as a living example of what humans are capable of.

Now you’re here, facing your fears.

You’ve done really good but it’s time to do more!

Peace, love, and unity!

Your @spellmaker

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