The time is flying by fast. Now is the longest time I have been alive. The same thing goes for you, obviously. It seems that each day, each month and each year is passing faster than ever before. We’re entangled in this loop of doing same things all over again which makes us spend less time in the moment of now.

It’s October again. Where I live, summer has turned into fall. Hot days have turned into early evenings and hot teas. But it’s beautiful! I’m grateful for every moment I have been given on this earth. I’m trying my best to stay grounded and do my own thing. I’m moving forward but at the same time, I’m listening to how the birds sing.

I’ve been busy with various projects to finally stack up some crypto that I needed to do a long time ago. But it’s still not too late. I can use the power of my mind to achieve the goals I have set. I can write and I can grind, and I know that if I seek, I shall find. If you do something with passion and love, you will eventually get something back, probably when you least expect it.

Expectations demotivate. Especially when you don’t meet them. That’s why you don’t expect, you just do! There’s no time to daydream about a scenario where your one post will get you the recognition you want. The only way that can happen is by putting your soul into what you’re doing. And not just once! You have to do it repeatedly. Each day, you have to go out there (or stay home) and put in the effort! Be consistent and devote yourself to it!

Enjoy the October as if it was the first October of your life. Stay grounded and thrive!

Peace and love!

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