Imagine the perfect day. Where everything goes your way. You’re the creator of things and you have a lot to say. Imagine the world, where there are no corporate bitches. A place where when you are cut, there’s no need for stitches. Here, everyone can behold the greatest of riches – the experience of the world where they can build bridges.

We’re all creators

You’re a creator with a unique perspective that must be used. You see that there is more to life than what they show in the news. Despite the race, color or creed, you’re the one who bleeds. And when it drops, your blood is red, just like mine, do you see?

We are all one, and essentially we are free. And life is fun, especially if you breathe. Additionally, you can plant a seed and grow some weed. What matters the most is what matters to me, or to you or anyone else who will read this through. Your creations are what makes you. How you spend your time is your choice and it will break you.

Either break you out of your mental cage or break you physically as you age. Keep on writing your story, page after page. Every day, a new level, opportunities, wage. Higher and higher, until the last stage where you’ll meet the final boss by looking into a mirror. Rage!

Or love. It differs from one to another. But the moral is that all this time it was you. You did all the things to find yourself right where you are right now. From this moment on, you’ve become the law. The most important person to create the life you saw when thought of it all.

Peace, Love, and Gratitude!

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