This place right here right now is the best place where I could find myself in. The true beauty of the present moment that I’m experiencing can’t be traded for anything. The only thing holding us back from being in the moment is ourselves. Our endlessly circulating thoughts and worries will always be there and it’s up to us – how we perceive them.

Sometimes I’m scared that I talk too much nonsense which nobody will get anyway. Firstly – because my English isn’t as good as someone else’s and secondly – the themes I’m talking about are irrelevant to many. Especially in this fast-paced era, we’re living in.

But if I must look from the bright side (and it is a must!), I don’t care about any of it. Each day is there for me to improve my skills and gain new perspectives. There are more than 8 billion people in the world right now – there’s a chance someone will find this interesting. If not – it isn’t a problem for me because the thing that I’m doing is my own and it feels wonderful!

The world is a vast place where we can all find ourselves. It isn’t easy combining your vision with what’s happening all around the corners of the earth to create something unlike anyone has ever seen but it is possible. The main thing to remember is to enjoy the process and be grateful for the opportunities you have. Use them and there will be more!

Peace, Love, Gratitude!

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