I won’t be an office rat or some type of useless cat. When the world puts me under the pressure, I’ll push the pressure back! The whole system is a trap and politics are just an act! The left versus the right is a scam. The illusion of choice is a fact.

I’m about 28 years old right now and from the very first time I understood what a job is, I told myself that I won’t be working a regular job at an office. And I have managed it quite well by working in the sports industry where I’m always on the go, working with athletes. It’s a rewarding job but it still has a schedule and I’m still working for someone else.

Even though I’m not an office rat, sometimes I feel like just a gear that’s grinding the system forward. I’m on the job for more than 10 years now and I’m eager to make a change. It’s tiresome to do one thing for such a long time, especially when financially it’s not as rewarding as I’d wish.

Slowly, I’m making steps to become self-sufficient. I’m writing every day to improve my skills and inspire someone else’s day. Every moment I’m trying to go my way by using the unique viewpoint I have. Recently, I even created my Patreon account which was actually a shot in the dark. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some patrons when the time is right? At least it’s there and others can support me if they’d wish.

There is also HIVE blockchain that I’m very supportive of. I was born there and I’ll always remain there unless someone turns off the internet and deletes everything that was there. Even then, I guess you can still recover HIVE blockchain if you have the proper skill. Here’s my referral link if you want to check it out and support me in some way.

Other than that – I’m grateful for the opportunities I have. I know that hard work and consistency pays off. Sooner or later, it happens, mostly when the time is right and you’re ready to shift the path of your life for better.

Peace, Love and Gratitude! That’s my favorite attitude!

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