If you ever wondered how to achieve the next level of yourself then being grateful is a great way to go. A simple thing like that can change your perspective and make you see a whole another world right next to the one you were living in for so long.

If you’re grateful – both of the worlds melt together becoming one. You see gratitude and appreciation everywhere you look. If you can’t see it – you encourage it. You become an example for your co-workers, friends, and family.

They see the fire in your eyes. Your passion is contagious. Others are trying to follow the example you’ve set. You’re an inspiration to the world around you and you’re inspiring yourself to move in further in the direction that is set by a simple thing – gratitude.

You’re grateful for being able to live a life where you are the one making a choice. Where you’re free to do whatever that comes to your head. You’re thankful you can read and write because you were born in a place where that’s a norm. The society has molded you to be strong and consistent in your decisions. You’re able to separate your work from your family life and use your time wisely.

You’re grateful for being alive and feeling the pain you sometimes have. If you didn’t feel it – you’d be walking dead. That pain makes you who you are. It also makes you appreciate all the times when the pain is not there. It’s your own way you’re going. It’s your own truth you’re knowing. It’s something to enjoy. Something to care for.

Gratitude for being one of the #powerhousecreatives because they are the most loving community out there. Gratitude for having Steemit as a place where we can make each others lives. Gratitude for all of the tries that failed because they brought us here. Right at this moment – to say – thank you.

Thank you Universe! You inspire me!

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