All that will happen and all that has happened

Was there, in your path, to learn you a lesson

Your mind is a weapon

Your words are your bullets

Each moment is there to enjoy to the fullest

We’ve All Been There

I know it’s hard to enjoy your life when all you have is a struggle. At this moment it’s important to look at things from a different perspective. It’s like they’re saying in a song – always look on the bright side of life.

So Start From The Beginning

Look at all the good things you have. You’re alive, you can read, you can write and you can probably talk too. You have a mind you can control and it’s a gift you’ve been given.

Remember What You Have And Be Grateful

You have feelings and you have felt things. You know the pain and the suffering, and you know the happiness that life offers. You’ve been through a lot of stuff and there’s a lot in front of you.

Focus On What You Can Do

Yes, maybe you’re in debt but so is the whole world. The world is more than 300 trillion in debt. The only question is – who do we owe to? To Decepticons? The banking system is a fraud we’re all tied to but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway – it’s depressing to live from paycheck to paycheck and everyone wants to break out of the cycle and live their lives to the fullest. BUT not everyone does it.

Change The Way You Look At Things

I think it’s because they don’t know how to do it. They’re trying to solve the problem with the same thinking as they created it. It’s impossible that way. You have to change your thinking and your perception. Why do I sound so sure? Because I’ve been there. It’s called the process of growth.

Mindset Is Key

Don’t spend your time looking at the problem, use it to find a solution. It’s how you set your mind to work. You choose the way and your mind does the work.

Why look at the numbers you have to live with and worry about them when you could be writing your own ebook?

Break The Habit

Okay, you don’t have to write a book. You can work with yourself any other way. Start meditating, exercising (not only your body but also your mind). Develop new habits and change your daily routine. It’s how you can change your whole life – by changing what you do every day.

Why scroll social media with a blank mind when you could be writing a post on Steemit while improving your financial and mental health. It all goes hand to hand – everything we do moves us closer to the end.

Look At The Endgame

But what end are we going to have? One where we feel regret or one with a satisfied mind?

It’s your choice and your own personal grind.

Seek and you shall find.

Peace – Love – Gratitude


Photo by Bianca Salgado from Pexels
Photo by Eugene Golovesov from Pexels

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