Every single moment you can make an impact on the world you’re living in. When merged together, our collective actions are what matters. What we do today, will influence tomorrow. What we do in the moment of now impacts the rest of the moments we’ll have. It’s an endless cycle of love and destruction but the main battle is the one in our hearts.

Every. Single. Day. There are opportunities for us to use. Whether it’s sharing our love or feeding the hateful wolf that’s living within us. Yes, the environment has an impact on you but at the same time you can reverse it and make your energy spread across every room you are in.

Why did I start writing this post? Why did I curse in the title? The title is an excerpt from a song by Run The Jewels. It’s from their 4th album which came out a few days ago. Their songs are pretty dark but at the same time inspiring. Here’s another excerpt.

Static in my mind

Like sanity on borrowed time

Like right and wrong can’t be defined

There’s a grenade in my heart

And the pin is in their palm

There’s a grenade

There’s a grenade

A grenade in my heart


Youtube link to the song from which I took these lyrics. I warn you, it’s pretty aggressive hip-hop music. Although I don’t usually listen to hip-hop. I fell in love with RTJ a little while ago.

What else?

Remember the thing about the media. Their goal is to divide us and spread fear. Once you see it, you can stop it at its core. Instead of being hateful, you can be helpful. Be the awesome friend you always wanted to have. The one who’s always willing to learn new things.

Use the energy you naturally have. Once you start doing it and step out of your comfort zone, your energy levels will only increase.

Use your mind as an adaptive tool that can open all the doors. One step at a time, one floor after another and soon you’ll be at the top. Just do it, like Nike would say.

That’s all for now.

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Peace and love!

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