It’s easy to focus on something you love, for example, your hobby. It makes you grow and re-energizes you when you’re feeling down.

But what to do if you don’t have a hobby? What if you only have bad habits to get rid of? We all know that the hardest thing to change is yourself but deep within us, we all have that ability. We just have to unlock it.

Do you want to stop smoking?

You must find something to replace it with. Maybe it’s a healthy snack you could eat to replace it. You would feel like you’re doing your body a favor and maybe you’d even get dopamine out of that sense of achievement.

Do you want to stop scrolling like a zombie?

Limit your time and replace it with writing or reading, or both. It will unleash your creativity and energize you even though you’re working. Scrolling drains your energy despite the fact that you’re doing almost nothing. Scrolling feeds your head with so much useless shit that it’s hard to set your mind the right way. Free up space and soak up something useful.

Do you want to achieve more?

Make goals and start working towards them. Plan your day and develop a positive routine. Not only will it make you more efficient, it will also save you energy by not having to think of what to do next. You will have a plan to follow and it will bring you forward on your path of life.

Everything is in your hands!

It’s this moment right here that impacts the rest of your life. Why are you reading this post when you could be working on your dreams and goals? If it’s because you’re replacing your mindless scrolling of corporate media with exploring and reading Steemit posts then it’s great – it’s a step forward and you’re improving.

If you’re reading this because you have no energy to do anything else then I would say it’s just an excuse. Maybe you’re scared something will go wrong. You’re afraid of failing but you wouldn’t have to. Making mistakes and failing is as natural as needing to eat.


Set your priorities. What is most important in your life? What brings you wealth and roof over your head? What could bring more? What makes you feel loved or in awe?
Questioning yourself can bring in a lot of clarity about what to do in your life. Sorting out priorities is really important if you want to work on the right things.


I didn’t know what would come out of this post when I started to write but I enjoyed writing it. The start was difficult as always but when I caught the flow it was wonderful. I guess everything that I wrote above was on my mind for quite some time. It’s something I’m struggling with myself so writing is like a small pep talk that inspires me.

Have a productive week – may you find what you seek!

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