After Gavin got exposed, he changed his Twitter header. Was the photo intentional? Yes. Did he put it there himself? I don’t know. It could be blackmailing from one of his masters to remind who’s really in control but at the same time, it could be his own way of showing his allegiance to pedophiles and child traffickers.

Or to Satan. Who knows? Maybe Gavin knows but I wouldn’t be so sure about it either.

Who the fuck orders pizza for an hour? Oh, right, it’s John Podesta

Anyway, it isn’t the story today. It’s just a part of it. What I will share with you today is a story of an actor. Sadly, a deceased one. His name was Isaac Kappy and he made small appearances in various blockbuster movies and TV shows like Thor and Breaking Bad.

That’s Isaac in Thor

What’s the story?

Isaac Kappy (actor and musician) named various people pedophiles after he had enough on his plate. A few months later, he wounded up dead after a suicide. Allegedly, he jumped off a bridge on to a route 66 and was deadly killed by a car.

On his videos, he stated multiple times that he is not suicidal but his life could be in danger. In his last video, he’s acting strange as if something wasn’t right.

Here’s his last video:

What is strange about the last video? Everything. First of all – he said he’s alone but you can clearly hear someone saying ‘‘shut up” to the dog at 2:05. He is clearly not alone here.

Later in the video you can hear that his dog is in the other room. If you know dogs, you can hear the dog isn’t acting naturally since the beginning of the video.

At 33:53, when he is answering to comments, someone types ”wink twice if you’re doing this under pressure”. After reading it – he pauses, takes a deep breath, and blinks twice. A few moments later – he continues with the next comment.

Isaac also mentions the words ”science of spirits” many times throughout the video (SOS). Do I even need to mention that at the beginning he stated that this will probably be his last video?

In news, they’re using this strange sentence – ‘forced himself off a bridge.” Read it here and all over the mainstream media. Is it how they name suicides now? Did he ”force himself off a bridge” by exposing rich and powerful pedophiles? Was it meant like that?

If that isn’t enough, there is a suicide note which he allegedly published on Instagram. A suicide note from a guy who clearly stated he’s not suicidal. A suicide note from a loving man who was trying to protect those who can’t do it for themselves. And we all bought it.

After he died, all of his social media accounts where deleted, except the Insta page with only one post. All the other posts were deleted too. The hard drives of his computer – wiped clean.

Remember when Andrew Breitbart tweeted that John Podesta should be a household name of pedos?

Needless to say, year later he’s dead with a heart attack.

It’s crazy! And there is more to it! In the next article we’ll dive deeper but right now – stay healthy and vigilant! Take care of the people around you and take care of yourself.

Peace and love!

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