It’s tempting to hit the snooze button in the morning and sleep more but it’s not as healthy as we’d like it to be.

When you hear the alarm, your body is getting ready to wake up but after you hit snooze and get back to sleep, your body thinks it was a false alarm and goes back to sleep.

This results in you getting back in the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase only to be interrupted in the middle of the cycle by your next alarm.

It makes you grumpy, drowsy and overall tired and not ready for the day.

Start getting up when you hear the alarm.

You don’t have to force yourself out of bed but don’t get back to sleep.

Think about your day, stretch your body, breathe in and out.

Let your body wake up naturally and without rushing to get ready for the day.

Snooze For 9 Minutes Maximum

If you really can’t stop snoozing, don’t put the alarm off for more than 9 minutes so you don’t fall back to the REM sleep.

You may close your eyes for a moment but soon you will have to open them and get up.

Spellmaker Knows You Can

I know you can get rid of your bad habits and replace them with positive ones.

You just have to act on your wishes and goals. It’s the first step in achieving anything – doing it.

Even if you fail. Especially if you fail – it’s a must to grow and become wiser.

Enjoy Being Alive

Find something to be happy for. Maybe it’s the fact you’re out of bed early and writing a post on Steemit before the day kicks off.

Maybe it’s your job to be excited about. If you have ideas – start realizing them and live life to the fullest.

It’s in you because it’s in all of us.

Spell Yourself

Say your plans out loud to confirm you’re going to stick to them. Say to yourself that you’re going to get out of bed after your first alarm at the same time every day. Eventually, you’ll be able to wake up without alarm – energized and ready for the day.

Say to yourself that you’re capable of achieving things. Say it out loud. Like you were a king because you are – you control your whole life with actions and inactions.

With words you say and the ones you don’t. It’s all in your hands and in your mouths!

Peace - Gratitude


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