They rule over us by dividing us. Who’s they? They’re the ones in power. The top 1 percent of the 1 percent. They’re not into politics. THEY ARE POLITICS!

When you think whether you should go with democrats, republicans or any other movement out there, look at the whole picture. Both wings belong to the same bird. Even though it seems as they’re fighting with each other, they’re only doing it for the show. It’s how they stay up in the air.

The air. The ether. Whatever you want to call it, they control it. They control the TV and all of the channels. They control what you think because they’re the ones feeding your mind. They control what you do because the TV told you so. It’s the shitty reality people are fed. The division and anger that they’re filling us with. How long can we take it?


It’s the biggest hoax of all time. Religion is how they divide us. It’s easy because my god is a hundred times better than yours. In fact, your god doesn’t exist at all. I will fight you to death because it’s how I get in the kingdom of heaven after death – by killing non-believers.

It’s batshit crazy!

Some will even tell their sins every weekend to be forgiven just so they could sin again next week. Oh, and you have to donate to god or else your sins will not be released.

I mean, what the hell, man? How is your imaginary friend better than mine? Why can’t you understand my belief that I’m a god who created himself?

I created everyone and then I made me forget who I am. It’s the only way I could have a true human experience – by erasing the ultimate knowledge of the universe. But I’m getting back. Step by step I’m closer to who I am at the root.

What if I believed it? Isn’t it the same as you thinking you were created in seven days? For me it was instant. I split myself into everything there is and here I am right now speaking my truth to you.

All I am doing is entertaining myself with thoughts that come and go. I don’t take them as a fact but merely as an imaginary route that could have happened or may still be happening. You can’t do that if you’re a believer of god because it’s a sin to doubt his existence, isn’t it?

For me, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian, a Buddhist, a Muslim or an Atheist, it’s all the same for me. What matters is if you’re a decent human being. Will you help someone else despite their beliefs? Do you really love your neighbor?

Those are your actions which define you. They make you who you are. Your actions are everything you do, say and think. By thinking I don’t mean a thought that just popped in your head, I mean your focus on the thought. Will you let it go or nurture it? It’s your choice.


Back to where they were dividing us. They make us hate each other by creating terrorists and blaming other religions of all the bad that’s happening. They don’t show us good things, they feed us fear and lies. They manipulate us the way they want it.

We are spoon-fed the information they want you to hear. They distract us from what is really happening and then they put you back to sleep. It’s the only way to live the American dream – by being asleep.

Peace and love!


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