Desire keeps them going
Desire for more
More money in their pockets
Tickets for store

But it’s the money of all
And it’s wrongly divided
The system is the beast
And it’s many sided

You cut one head off
Two more grows
You only have to follow
Where the money flows

By now everyone knows
The money’s not real
But in everyone’s nose
There’s a smell of fear

What will happen?
Is the end really near?
What can we do?
Is it already here?

Question what you hear
Be mindful, my dear
I’ve never seen you face to face
But I’ve tasted your tears

Take off the mask that you wear
Let thoughts flow around
It’s deeper than the ear
The silent beeping sound

Is it the voice from the cloud?
The knowledge of the hive mind
Is this what life is about?
If you seek then you should find

For me it’s infinite grind
Of the infinite mind
From what I’ve seen in life
If you’re happy you’re kind

Be grateful for the ride
From yourself – don’t hide
There are currents and tides
Whether you cry or smile

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

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