It’s the 3D world that I’m living in when I’m awake. When asleep, I float through everything and everyone. Every dimension there is, it’s mine when I dream. Dreams are my 4th dimension but today is the day to create and achieve new heights.

Or maybe 4th is the digital dimension?


Over the years, I’ve repeated myself many times, and sometimes it feels like I’m going in loops. Although every time is a bit different, the essence remains the same. I’ve come to a conclusion that there is only one day that truly matters, and it’s today.

Have you ever went to sleep thinking that tomorrow’s is going to be different than today and you will start working your ass off to achieve your long-forgotten goals? I know you have because everyone has. But did the change really happen the next day? I doubt it. Tomorrow is a lie that we are so comfortably accepting. Deep down, we all know that tomorrow doesn’t exist, and when you wake up in the morning, it’s today, and it will always be today.

Yes, you can daydream about some other place and time where you’re doing wonderful and exciting things but in reality, you’re here, in the moment of now. What you do now, impacts how the moment will change. If you have ideas on your mind, don’t put them off for later because just like tomorrow, later is just an imaginary shelf in the back of our minds, an excuse to procrastinate.

Being Grateful for the Present

You’re gifted with this moment and it’s no wonder we call it the present. You have been given a chance to experience what it’s like to be a human being with all the ups and downs life offers. Doesn’t matter how hard it may seem at times, you should be grateful for this gift. Even if it wasn’t your choice to be born, you’re here and you get to make an impact on this world.

It isn’t hard to be spontaneous and start something. In fact, it’s easy and we’ve all done it. The real challenge is being consistent with what we do. We tend to search for excuses while we could be creating non-stop because it’s in our blood. You and I, we are more than consumers. We are creative souls and it’s a crime not to use the true potential of our being.

I recently started learning Adobe After effects, more specifically, intro animations and signatures (read here on how to get one for yourself) Learning is a must for your mind to stay fit and open. The more you learn, the easier it is for you to adapt to new situations and overcome challenges coming your way. And there will always be challenges. It’s life.

Thank you for reading and have a productive day ahead!

Peace and love!

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