From a caterpillar to a butterfly. From a raging bull to a humble guy. We’re always changing. Until the day we die. Arranging all sorts of things to spend our time.

Now I’ll end this rhyme so we can finally talk. It’s amazing what you learn when you’ve never been taught.

We’re all constantly changing

I’m changing

From a baby to a kid, from a kid to a teenager, to where I am now. I have always been changing, adapting to the environment, soaking in what I saw. I have always been in love.

Even though my expectations of life have shattered many times, I continue on. All the obstacles along the way have only helped me grow, and just like they say – you reap what you sow.

Sometimes I feel like I’m out of control but I don’t nurture that thought. I know that mindset and attitude is what makes the life I’m living. I must look brightly into each moment of time because I know it’s in me to create something unlike anyone has ever seen. Something that could greatly improve my life and lives of everyone around me.

Although it has been obvious for a while that mindset is key, it’s still very hard to really take control of your body. It’s addicted to pleasure and fears hard work. Every day there’s a voice in the back of my mind telling that I can start my work tomorrow. Every single day. It’s sitting there and pressing the play button whenever I’m trying to go my way.

Even the way I process these thoughts have changed. I’m stronger because I comprehend that there’s no tomorrow except the imaginary one. When I wake up in the morning, it’s today, and it’s the only day I will ever have. If I really want to succeed in anything I’m doing, I must do it today and I must do it now.

The way I speak to myself has also changed. Once I saw how every word has a vibration, and how it affects the mood. Once I felt how a sound goes through my body and soul resonating through them, I started to speak differently. My vocabulary has changed, and it will keep changing.

But essentially, nothing’s changed

I came alone in this world and I’m pretty sure I will leave it alone too. I’m still attracted to the opposite sex and deep conversations with other human beings. I love singing in the shower and letting go of all the drama life is offering. I still don’t get pop music.

There’s still evil reigning over this earth. There is still knowledge to discover and things to invent. There are still opportunities for each and every one of us to leave our mark in this world. There’s still war and famine.

I’m still searching for my place here. As I wondered before, I keep wondering now, what is the reason I have all this love? What should I do and how can I tear down these walls humans have built to protect themselves from each other?

Although I’m a lone wanderer in this, I know I have a part of you within because we are all connected with invisible strings. We are still connected. You, me, our neighbors, and our dogs. We are always communicating, with more than just words.

The collective consciousness is always at work.

Peace and love! @spellmaker

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