I can write, I can fight
But I can’t change my sight
What I see is my perception
My vision and my might

There is no other reason I’m writing this than the emotions I get from what I miss.
Maybe it’s a kiss, a passionate one.
Maybe a bliss, thinking I’m the one.
Oh, boy, do I wish to enter the state of mind in which we are naked in time.
In there there would be no future to find.
All day long we’d be present, divine.

I know how it sounds.
It’s wack but it haunts me.
And I’m about to do what excites me.
Read this and you’ll see:

“There is no me. It’s us on the beat. Connected we are on a level so deep that’s it’s hard to tell if the loop’s on repeat or if it’s the voices our bodies speak.”

I’ll end this at peak.
Stay tuned but don’t seek.
What you need is within you to reap.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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