Or do you depend on others to do all the work for you? And by others, I mean not only the people around you but everything that surrounds you.

Most likely, you have a functioning body and mind. It’s a gift that you should be grateful for. Not everybody in this world has it, and if they have, one day it will end and there’s no stopping it.

You have everything you need to create the life you always wanted. Don’t rely on the universe to put everything at your feet.

You and I, we’ll both end one day and it’s okay because we can’t really do anything about it. I can’t say I know what happens after but it doesn’t worry me. A new beginning? Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll never know until we know, right?

Point is, we have to use the time we have now without relying on later or tomorrow. Without a false hope that some magic will happen and we’ll end up living the dream.

Use these moments you have right now. Use them to create something unique. Keep developing your skills and become better than you were a moment ago.

From weak to strong. From blind to perceptive. From bored to excited.

Peace and love!


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