It’s a gift to be here. In the present moment. Many people scroll their lives away and live in torment. They are deep in the torrent with terabytes of info. But they don’t know what to do next. They simply dive deeper into…

It’s how all little fishes flow. They go with it. That’s what they know, and that’s how they roll (it’s sick).

But forget about fish. You are a human being (or an eternal being occupying a physical body of flesh and bones) and the stream isn’t that simple anymore. Or maybe it is. You can look at crowds and see the mainstream in real life. Those are the little fish. Humans working for their salaries.

Then there are those sitting home all day. You can call them crabs or lazies. Somehow they can afford to not go with the crowd and still earn their living.

From time to time, they go out to enjoy the weather. But not a lot. Some of them are wealthy, others poor. Depends on what they’re doing while others are going all-in with the physical work.

There are countless types of fish out there. Same as humans. Each one unique. Each with some different character traits.

Different histories and traditions. They’re all colliding in this bowl we’re living in. You and me. We’re all breathing in. The same air circulates through all of us. The same water and earth that’s providing for us.

It’s the vast ocean of opportunities where everyone can find what they seek. It takes dedication and consistency combined with patience and creativity but it’s in all of us.

We can achieve more than it’s possible to imagine. The universe provides us with doors if seek doors to open. You gotta be curious, and keep learning. It’s the way you nurture your mind and your soul. It’s how you stay alive, fully experiencing the moment you’re in.

I feel like I’ve gone too far and I don’t even understand what I wrote but at the same time, I feel like I should keep it that way. Today is the day where this text is gonna stay the same way I wrote it down. Then, in your mind, it will play like I wrote, and you’re gonna live through the same moment I did just now.

It could go very wrong and leave me with no votes but at the same time it could make you go ”wow”, and say – ”this dude is someone I’d quote.”

with love, @spellmaker

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