It is your life you are messing with
It is your mind you are sending your message with
Come on now
Spread your blessings kid
Open the lid of your special kit and roll up
Smoke a trippy spliff
Get higher than clouds
On the edge of a cliff
Zoom out
Everything is a trick
Words make scenes appear
Truth becomes myth
It is perception of it
The life you are living
To heal what is sick
Or to take without giving
Just to die without knowing
How it is to be loving
Something more than yourself
And the body you’re having
Choice is yours to pick
Will you inspire by doing
Thrive while in the dip
Reach the end by going
Full of courage to overcome
The infinite torment
With ability to
Enjoy the moment
And see the life for what it is
The process of growing

Art By Nick Ian from DevianArt

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