I would appreciate an answer if you’re there. If you got the signal, it means I was here – at the same place you are right now. Going through the same sentence. At the same pace.

Do you think it’s just a coincidence? I don’t think so.

We’re all connected even if you do not believe so.

But I know you know it. You feel it in your guts. We’re all tied together. All of our butts.

I know it sounds nuts.

But that’s the way it is.

And now I will announce something you can’t miss.

my blog is live

And now I post not only to Steemit but also on a WordPress blog

It’s exciting for me as it’s something new. Something I’ve never done before. It’s interesting to manage a WordPress blog, especially with the Steempress plugin that allows you to post instantly on both platforms.

This blog is a piece of art

Maybe not yet but this is a start of which I’m proud. That’s the only reason I’m sharing it with you. Maybe I’ll become your inspiration. An alter-ego with its own webpage, where can you see that?

Yeah, I know, the internet is full of alter-egos. It only means I have some competition and it’s exciting. I have no idea which path will this blog go but it’s awesome to be on this journey.

heading to stop and breathe

Many people scroll through posts only reading headings and then leaving a random comment. This is just a stop for them to chill and wander through their own mind for a bit. You’re great even if you’re one of them!

The Power Of Mind

Okay, now we can start addressing some important issues, for example, what are you doing on this page when you could be writing your own poetry and meeting your own self?

And it’s not just poetry. You could be doing anything you set your mind to. Your mind has the capability to excite you and inspire you. It’s you who have to allow it.

Set your mind to the direction you want and observe.

Take a simple but deep breath and let it out. Do it one more time and let it flow. Your thoughts are like a river and you’re full of love. Take a deep breath, that’s what life is about!

About The Blog

If you go to spellmaker.blog, you can see there are more posts than one. It’s because I already reuploaded some of my best Steemit posts there.

Why did I make it? Maybe it’s a way to reach more people because many are afraid of #steem and everything related to crypto. They’re simply not opening those pages and it’s okay – maybe they’ll come to understanding one day and switch off their Facebook.

Maybe I did it to bring more people to #steem. Integrating comments and upvotes on the blog is really a great way to bring exposure to this platform. Once someone sees how much a simple post like this can receive, maybe they’ll join up.

About YOU

You are my greatest asset. You, whoever is looking at the screen right now, are a wonderful person because you have endured me and my words without closing the post. Without you, I would simply be writing notes with a pen.




Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels
Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw from Pexels
Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw from Pexels
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