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D in Day is for Doing

It’s the 3D world that I’m living in when I’m awake. When asleep, I float through everything and everyone. Every dimension there is, it’s mine

Will we burn like the Sun?

I don’t know where to begin with everything that’s happening. And should I even write? I’ve been holding back the last few days but I

Latest Poetry

The Endlessness

Everyone believes in something even if it’s nothing Everyone has thought what happens the moment the death strikes I’ve experienced death and thousands of lives

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Tearing Down Walls

Sometimes I feel like you’re inside my mind but I can’t find exactly the place where you hide. Maybe I’m mad but I think I’m

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It’s like a wave that we’re riding on With ups and downs Changing scenes with a speed of thought No rights and wrongs Did you

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Break down the words and the letters Feel everything – it is coming for you Stick to the plan and know your intention At least

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Your words are your bullets. Use them wisely. 

Each word is a spell. Each place can be turned into heaven or hell. It all depends on you. What story are you going to tell?

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