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You’re Coded To Be Here

Words create worlds but then they also destroy. Words we use are codes just so you know. We’re like machines under the rule of some

Just a perfect day

Imagine the perfect day. Where everything goes your way. You’re the creator of things and you have a lot to say. Imagine the world, where

I won’t be an office rat

I won’t be an office rat or some type of useless cat. When the world puts me under the pressure, I’ll push the pressure back!

The cycle of changes

As I’m breathing deep and looking within, I feel the energy flowing and I’m seeing the win. It’s coming. We’re making a change and it’s

The Endlessness

Everyone believes in something even if it’s nothing Everyone has thought what happens the moment the death strikes I’ve experienced death and thousands of lives

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Tearing Down Walls

Sometimes I feel like you’re inside my mind but I can’t find exactly the place where you hide. Maybe I’m mad but I think I’m

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Your words are your bullets. Use them wisely. 

Each word is a spell. Each place can be turned into heaven or hell. It all depends on you. What story are you going to tell?

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